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Gougères  (V)                                                        

French style puff with Gruyère cheese


Individual Frittatas (2.5”)                                         

Savory Individual Mini-Cakes (2”)                           

Goat cheese and nuts (V); Olive and bacon


Vegetarian Niçoise Salad (V-GF) 

(Green beans, tomatoes, bell peppers, hard boiled eggs, potatoes and olives)

Ratatouille and Pasta Salad (V)             

(Provençale-style stewed vegetable with pasta)

Oriental Pesto Salad (V)                 

(Israeli couscous with heirloom tomatoes and spinach pesto)

Greek Salad (V-GF)

(Crisp lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, Feta cheese and Kalamata olives)

French Lentil Salad (V-GF)             

(Green lentils with bell peppers, tomatoes and green onions)

French Taboulé (V)             

(Couscous mixed with tomatoes, cucumbers, mint and parsley)

Large Salad Bowl (serves 12)

XLarge Salad Bowl (serves 20)


Lorraine: Applewood smoked bacon & Swiss cheese

Veggies: Ratatouille style vegetables (V)

Cremini Mushrooms and Comté Cheese (V)

Broccoli and Goat Cheese (V)

Zucchini and Mint (V)

Salmon and Spinach


Medium quiche (serves 6-8)                                       

Large quiche (serves 8-10)                                         



20 Shrimp Skewers  (GF)                                                   

(2 shrimps crusted with coconut and curry, with cilantro sauce)

20 Chicken Skewers (GF)                                                  

(2 organic chicken meat balls with almonds and mint, served

with a fresh herbs-yogurt dip)

20 Spinach and Quinoa balls  (V-GF)                                 

(Spinach and quinoa balls with onions and sun-dried tomatoes)


Vegetable, Charcuterie and Cheese platters available.


Our Desserts Selection (Individual and Large)


50 Chouquettes  (V)                                                                                          $70

(French style puff with pearl sugar)


20 Individual Fromages Blancs with granola and berries (V)                           $80

(Homemade French style creamy yogurt, topped with granola and berries)


20 Individual Moulahabiehs  (V-GF)                                                                  $80
(Orange blossom flan topped with honey and pistachios, in individual 5oz cups)


20 Individual Chocolate Mousses (V-GF)                                                          $80

(Bittersweet chocolate mousse topped with cocoa nibs, in individual 5oz cups)


20 Individual Rose Mousses (V-GF)                                                                  $80

(Hibiscus and rose mousse topped with raspberry, in individual 5oz cups)


20 Individual Panacotta  (V-GF)                                                                        $80
(Italian cream pudding topped with berry coulis, in individual 5oz cups)


20 Individual Fruit Cups   (V-GF)                                                                      $85 

(Seasonal fruits freshly cut and seasoned, in individual 5oz cups)

20 Individual Financiers (V)                                                                              $75

(Brown butter almond cakes)


20 Individual Chocolate Fondants  (V)                                                              $75

(Bittersweet chocolate melting cakes, with nibs)

20 Individual Raspberry Quatre-quart cakes  (V)                                             $75

(French pound cake with raspberries)

Chocolate Fondant Cake (10", serves 10-12)  (V)                                              $40

(Bittersweet chocolate melting cake)

Hazelnut and Chocolate Fraicheur Cake (10", serves 12-14) (V)                      $60

(Layers of bittersweet chocolate and hazelnut mousse topped with raspberries) 

Fruit Salad Bowl, Large  (serves 10-12) (V, GF)                                                  $70

(Fresh seasonal fruits, with orange and lime juice) 

Prices subject to changes


V:   Vegetarian

GF: Gluten Free

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