All prices are for a quantity of 50, but there is flexibility so please contact us for a customized quote


A French style puff and a classic! Different flavors available.

La Classique with Gruyère cheese (V)

Roquefort cheese (V)

Bacon and Parmesan

Fresh herbs and Swiss cheese (V)

Quantity of 50: $55

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1 ¾” tartlets with egg and cream filling

Lorraine: Applewood bacon and Swiss cheese

Mushroom: Cremini mushrooms, onions and Swiss cheese (V)
Zucchini: Zucchinis and fresh mint (V)

Quantity of 50: $90


1 ¾” tartlets 

Tomato: Tomato sauce, Romano cheese and black olives (V)

French Pissaladière: Caramelized onions and anchovies

Mushroom: Cremini mushrooms, herbs, and cream cheese medley (V)

Ratatouille: Provençale stewed vegetables (V)

Quantity of 50: $90-$105

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Savory Mini-Cakes

1.5'' squares

Goat cheese, walnut and raisin mini-muffins (V)

California green olive, Applewood smoked bacon and Swiss cheese mini-muffins

Ginger and cinnamon carrot flans with pepitas  (V, GF)

Quantity of 50: $90

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Housemade grilled crostinis

Tapenade: Black olive and anchovies spread topped with roasted bell peppers

Terrine: Country style pork and poultry paté topped with French cornichons pickles

Salmon Gravlax: Thinly sliced housemade gravlax, on a light layer of lime Chantilly cream

Quantity of 50: $85-$105

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Chicken: Organic chicken lollipops with almonds and mint, served with a fresh herbs & yogurt sauce (GF)

Shrimps: Coconut and curry crusted shrimps on a 6'' skewer, served with cilantro sauce (GF)

Grape and Cheese: Rosemary Goat cheese and California grapes, on a 4.5” skewer (V, GF)

Spinach Bites: Spinach and quinoa mini-balls with onions and sun-dried tomatoes (V, GF)

Cantaloupe & Prosciutto: Cantaloupe cubes and Italian prosciutto, on a skewer (GF) Seasonal

Quantity of 50: $95-$125

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Soup Shooters

2oz shooters

Salmorejo: Spanish creamy tomato soup with garlic and a pinch of egg yolk, served cold (V)

Gazpacho: Southern Spain tomato and bell pepper soup, served cold (V, GF)

Cucumber: Cucumber and mint soup with herbs and spices, served cold (V, GF)

Cantaloupe: Cantaloupe soup with ginger, herbs and spices, served cold (V, GF) Seasonal

Thaï Squash: Coconut butternut squash soup topped with crunchy bacon or chives  (GF) Seasonal 

Quantity of 50: $90-$105

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Salads and Stews

2 oz shooters

Ratatouille: Provençale-style stewed vegetables, topped with queso fresco (V, GF)

French Lentil Sald: Green lentils with bell peppers and green onions in a mustard vinaigrette (V, GF)

French Taboulé: Couscous mixed with tomatoes, cucumbers, green onions, mint and parsley (V)

Oriental Pesto Salad: Israeli couscous with heirloom tomatoes and spinach pesto (V)

Chicken Tajine: Shredded organic chicken stew with lemon and onions (GF)

Quantity of 50: $95-$120

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Prices subject to changes

Prices subject to changes

Tasting Spoons


Moroccan Chicken Tajine: Shredded organic chicken stew with lemon and onions (GF)

Housemade Salmon Gravlax: Marinated salmon façon Gravlax on top of lime whipped cream (GF)

Quantity of 50: Starts at $115

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Various sizes available

Crudités: A selection of market raw vegetables with a selection of 2 dips  (V, GF)

French Terrine: Country style pork and poultry paté, served with artisan bread and cornichons pickles 

Charcuterie: A selection of local prosciuttos, hams and salamis with artisan bread and cornichons pickles

Cheese: A selection of domestic and imported cheeses, with artisan bread, nuts & seasonal fruits

Starts at $75

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Prices subject to changes

V: Vegetarian - GF: Gluten Free